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    Pigment Orange 34 transparency version Transparent P.O.34 versions represent the most frequent choice for printing inks. They provide a clean, yellowish orange hue and high tinctorial strength. P.O.34 is somewhat redder than the similarly strong P.O.13. At equal depth of shade, prints obtained from P.O.34 tolerate light better than do prints containing P.O.13; P.O.34 shows good solvent resistance to a number of organic solvents. Its prints are more stable in this respect than those made from P.O.13 Transparent P.O.34 is somewhat sensitive to heat and generally only withstands temperatures up to 100 to 140°C. Higher sterilization or metal deco printing temperatures may produce a color shift towards a redder orange. P.O.34 is used for all printing techniques. Packaging printing inks, especially nitrocellulose inks, often use the orange version of the cheaper and more lightfast P.O.5 in areas where fastness to organic solvents is unimportant.
    Pigment Orange 34 opaque type Highly opaque versions of P.O.34 with coarse particle sizes and specific surface areas between ca. 15 and 25 m2/g, however, are gaining recognition within the paint field. Excellent flow properties make it possible to further increase the pigment level and the opacity, in which P.O.34 affords exceptionally good results for an organic pigment. Even at equal pigment concentration, P.O.34 is more opaque than commercially available Molybdate Red pigments which cover the same range of hues. Full shades of this very opaque type are very fast to light and weather, and they have a much better ability to tolerate solvents and migration. This makes P.O.34 attractive as a partial or complete replacement for Molybdate Red in industrial finishes, tractor and agricultural implement finishes, house paints, etc. Its temperature stability is similarly superior. This is also true for application in print, where P.O.34 exhibits an increase in thermal stability from less than 120°C in transparent prints to 200°C in specialized opaque varieties