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Inkjet inks / Toner Application

    P.Y.74 specimens are fast to alkali, acid, and soap. Other aspects of their fastness in print, such as butter resistance and fastness to the solvent mixture described in DIN 16 524 P.Y.74 varieties with comparatively fine  Commercially Available Monoazo Yellow and Orange Pigments 225 particle sizes are also used in the paint industry, where they lend color to air drying and emulsion paints. Excellent tinctorial strength, especially in pastel shades, i.e., in white reductions, make P.Y.74 more advantageous on a cost/performance basis than the somewhat redder P.Y.1. A strong tendency to bloom, however, precludes the use of P.Y.74 in baking enamels.
    Pigment Violet 19, gamma-Modification 05B The gamma-crystal modification of P.V.19 affords bluish red shades which are much yellower than those obtained by the belta-modification. It used in exterior house paints, transparent paints, printing inks industry, it is frequently used for its high heat stability to replace more expensive bluish Cadmium Red pigments. The gamma-form of P.V.19 is also applicable in injection-molded and extrusion-made polyamide, and such as powder coatings and cast resins.
  • HP RED 25215 / PIGMENT RED 202
    Pigment Red 202 P.R.202, a very lightfast and weatherfast mixed phase quinacridone pigment, provides  more bluish and considerably duller shades than 2,9-dimethylquinacridone. P.R.202 is primarily applied in automotive finishes, AND RECENTLY USED FOR INKJET INKS.
  • HP RED 2585 / PIGMENT RED 176
    Pigment Red 176 P.R.176 provides a bluish red shade, which is somewhat bluer than those of P.R.187 and 208 and somewhat yellower than that of P.R.185. P.R.176 is primarily applied in plastics and in laminated papers. The pigment exhibits very good migration fastness in plasticized PVC.
  • HP RED 25107 / PIGMENT RED 146
    Pigment Red 146, PR146, RED FBB, RED FBB 02
    P.R.146 is a bluish red pigment with very good solvent resistance, even compared
    to other group II Naphthol AS pigments. It is primarily used in printing inks, coatings,
    and paints.
    Pigment Yellow 150 This pigment, an azo/nickel complex, affords dull, medium shades of yellow. The pigment is recommended for use in paints and printing inks. P.Y.150 produces very lightfast paints: P.Y.150 is used as a colorant for general industrial and architectural paints wherever the durability requirements are not too high. It exhibits good resistance to organic solvents but is not entirely fast to overcoating. P.Y.150 is also very lightfast in printing inks.P.Y.150 is also very lightfast in printing inks. The prints, however, are neither acid nor alkali resistant. Moreover, they are somewhat sensitive to a number of organic solvents.
  • HP RED 2574 / PIGMENT RED 122
    Pigment Red 122, For Inkjet inks, Ink Toner P.R.122, like other quinacridone pigments, shows excellent application properties in high grade printing inks. 2,9-Dimethylquinacridone is more weatherfast than most other unsubstituted  types. It possesses excellent fastness to migration and outstanding heat stability. P.R.122 offers a very clean bluish shade of red, which is usually referred to as pink or magenta. Its main areas of application are in high grade paints, printing inks, and plastics.