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fast pink 81 for solvent inks

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  • HP RED 25114 / PIGMENT RED 81
    Pigment Red 81 for solvent based inks P.R.81 affords a very clean bluish red shade, which matches the purple-red on the DIN 16 508 color scale for letterpress application and also on the DIN 16 509 offset scale. The shade is not accessible by using other pigments (Sec. Pigments which are closely related by shade, such as P.R.147, provide shades which are not even remotely as clean. The standard magenta on the European Color Scale for letterpress (DIN 16 538) and offset printing (DIN 16 539) is somewhat yellower. For such printing inks, certain high solvent fastness properties are required in order to safely overlacquer the prints. P.R.81 is a strong pigment, which, as with other representatives, is especially true for the PTM types. The pigment commonly darkens noticeably as it is exposed to light.