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    Pigment Yellow 154 P.Y.154 affords a somewhat greenish yellow shade of very high lightfastness and weatherfastness. Its shade is distinctly redder than that of P.Y.175 and noticeably redder than that of P.Y.151, both of which are also members of the benzimidazolone series. P.Y.154 is completely or at least almost completely resistant to the major organic solvents. The list includes alcohols, esters, such as butylacetate, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, such as mineral spirits or xylene, and dibutyl phthalate. P.Y.154 is primarily applied in paints, in which it is one of the most weatherfast organic yellow pigments. Incorporated in the same system and tested and evaluated under the same conditions as P.Y.151, P.Y.154 disperses easily. Areas of application also include other common media throughout the coatings and paints industry, such as architectural paints and emulsion paints. P.Y.154 is employed wherever high lightfastness and weatherfastness are required. Its principal application within the plastics area is in PVC. P.Y.154 reigns supreme in terms of lightfastness and durability in rigid PVC and in impact resistant PVC types, which makes it a suitable product for exterior use. P.Y.154 also has excellent lightfastness and weatherfastness in PVC plastisols which are coil coated onto steel. P.Y.154 is a useful pigment for the printing ink industry wherever high lightfastness is required.