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    Pigment Yellow 151 P.Y.151, affords a clean greenish yellow shade. Its hue is somewhat greener than that of P.Y.154 and distinctly redder than that of P.Y.175. The type which features a specific surface area of less than 20 m2/g provides good hiding power. Its main area of application is in the paint industry, which uses P.Y.151 particularly for high grade industrial finishes. Good rheological properties make it possible to incorporate up to approximately 30% pigment in a paint without affecting the gloss of the coating. Coatings containing P.Y.151 are very lightfast and durable. Systems based on acrylic melamine resin, The plastics industry uses P.Y.151 to color PVC, polyolefins, and other polymers. The pigment shows excellent migration fastness in plasticized PVC. P.Y.151 is equally heat stable in polystyrene, as long as the processing temperature does not exceed 260 to 280°C. The pigment is very lightfast in this medium P.Y.151 is employed for printing inks wherever lightfastness is a prime consideration. The prints are fast to soap but not sufficiently alkali resistant. They are fast to clear lacquer coatings, but not fast to sterilization.