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  • HP RED 23211 / PIGMENT RED 144
    Pigment Red 144 P.R. 144 is a medium to slightly bluish red pigment, which probably reigns supremewithin its class. It is broad in scope and is mainly used to color plastics, including spin dyeing products. P.R.144 is almost completely fast to migration in plasticized PVC. One of the most tinctorially strong disazo condensation pigments, Comparative valuesare listed for other pigments within the same class and also in other classes. P.R.144 is very fast to light. Its weatherfastness in rigid PVC is less satisfactory, it fails to meet the standards of long-term exposure. P.R.144 is also suited to use in other plastics, such as polystyrene, polyurethane, elastomers, or cast resins, including those made from unsaturated polyester.Good heat stability and lightfastness make P.R.144 a suitable candidate especially for polypropylene spin dyeing.