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Pigment Red 53:1

Pigment Red 53:1
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With professional factory, Shanghai Honor Industrial Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pigment red 53:1 manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale pigment red 53:1 from us, we are always able to offer you cheap and quality products.

2399 SuperFast Red CP

Chemical Composition:
Color Index: Pigment Red 53:1
C.I.NO.: 15585:1
Chemical Formula: C34H24Cl2N4O8S2Ba
CAS NO.: 5160-02-1
EU NO.: 225-935-3

Physical Properties:
Physical Form: Violet Powder
Heat Resistance(º C): 250
Density (g/cm3): 1.8
Specific Surface(m2/g): 55
PH Value: 6.5-7.5
Oil Absorption(ml/100g): 60

Fastness Properties: Full Color Tint Color
Dispersibility: Excellent Excellent
Light Fastness: 3 2-3
Migration Resistance PVC 4-5


Full Color: Pig. Content: 0.2%
Tint Color: Pig. : white=1:15
Heat Resistance: 5Min
Oil Absorption: DIN ISO 787/5
Light Fastness: DIN EN ISO 877
8 Grade Fromblue wool Color Chart
Migration Resist.: DIN EN 20105-A03
5 Grade gray color degree

Recommended Applications: Plastic

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