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Pigment Blue 60

Pigment Blue 60
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With professional factory, Shanghai Honor Industrial Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pigment blue 60 manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale pigment blue 60 from us, we are always able to offer you cheap and quality products.

4264 SuperFast Blue A3R 

Chemical Composition:
Color Index:Pigment Blue 60
Chemical Formula:C28H14N2O4
CAS NO.:81-77-6
EU NO.:201-375-5

Physical Properties:
Physical Form:Blue Powder
Heat Resistance(º C):200
Density (g/cm3):1.5
Specific Surface(㎡/g):31
PH Value:7.0-8.0
Oil Absorption(ml/100g):55

Fastness Properties:Full ColorTint Color
Light Fastness:87~8
Acid Resistance:54~5
Alkali Resistance:54~5
Weather Fastness:54~5
Water Resistance:54~5
Oil Resistance:54~5


Full Color:Pig. Content: 6%
Tint Color:Pig. : white=1:20
Oil Absorption:DIN ISO 787/5
Heat Resistance:5Min 10 Min
Acid Alkali Resist.:DIN EN 20105-A02
5 Grade gray scale
Light Fastness:DIN EN 105-B01
8 Grade Fromblue wool Color Chart
Weather Fastness:DIN EN 20105-A02
5 Grade gray scale
Solvent Resist.:DIN EN 20105-A03
5 Grade gray color degree
Oil Resistance:GB 251-84
5 Grade gray color degree

Recommended Applications:
Solvent based paints
Oil Based Paints
Powder coatings
Coil Coatings
Auto paints

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